The Foundation programs focus in four interrelated functions:

1. Education

Electoral Choices which govern the Nation

  • Fact-based options to meet national needs & aspirations
  • Teams of foremost Subject Matter Experts with vision and knowledge

2. Online Voting Referenda on Policies & Priorities

On Legislative, Executive & Regulatory reforms

Conduct Referenda in the categories of —

  • Systemic Government Integrity Measures
  • Equal Justice Under Law
  • Allocating National Resources:
    • Managing the National Debt & Deficit
    • Budget Priorities for Expenditures & Revenues
  • Singular Policy & Issue choices
  • No-Confidence votes on conduct in office

3.    Referenda Implementation

Commitments & Accountability

  • Secure officials’ advance commitments to constituent Referenda results
  • Disseminate Referenda results
  • Scorecard, Watchdog: Monitor and report officials’ compliance
  • “No Confidence Referendum” on elected officials

4.    Research

Academic Studies & Analysis

Use District Referenda as laboratory platforms for interdisciplinary Applied Political Technologies and related disciplines; feedback loop into further studies.

  • Information Sciences | Political science & economy | Decision theory | Sociology | Socio-economics| Voting schemes, ranked-choice | Behavioral science | Neuropsychology | Psychometrics | Survey & polling methodologies | Theory and practice of representative governance |