The Foundation is an independent not-for-profit corporate entity, not subject to any third party interests, including independence from Caltech itself – which has no authority or responsibility for the activities of the Foundation.

Board of Directors

The Foundation Board progressively assembles individuals selected for their credentials and credibility in governance; relevant IT disciplines; as Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in National Needs categories; and for trustworthy personal and professional reputations.

Executive Management

The Foundation’s management initially brings combined credentials at high levels of U.S. government – U.S. Senate, Senate-confirmed Executive Office, congressional commissions; in technology entrepreneurship, international business, research labs, think tanks, journalism and civic activism.

Intellectual Property

All copyright, trademark and patent rights vest in the Foundation.  Activities are conducted under appropriate IP protection and Non-Disclosure Agreements.


The Foundation collaborates with relevant government agencies; public interest NGOs with compatible missions and complimentary programs; with academic institutions on research grants and study design; with media outlet organizations to disseminate public awareness and information; and engages personal and professional services of volunteers and paid staff in management, technical, media, political and grassroots District activities.

Funding Sources

The Foundation does not accept donations from special interest partisan, political or institutional issue advocacy, individuals or organizations.  The Foundation will return funds found to be from any front or layered pass-through laundering.  The Foundation reserves the right to decline contributions which, in its judgment, may call into question the independence or integrity of the Foundation’s work.